Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Getting ready for travel!

We are preparing to move to another state again..and I see that this move is gonna be lot longer than our last move...You see,mom got me in New York when she was in Connecticut.She is working as a traveler nurse that's why.I am not really familiar how she gets to work like that but I was made to understand from the very start that we will be moving from time to time till she gets tired maybe??!!

And so going back,we traveled by car from Connecticut to sunny Florida where we are right now as of this writing!That was a long travel by the way and mom was pleased with how well behaved I had been the whole time we were on the road..No messy accident inside my crate!We sure did a lot of stopping on the side of course!

So anyway,I heard that this upcoming travel will be much much longer..It will apparently take us four days on the road!The other side of the United States in a land called Washington apparently!I wonder how's the weather over there.Coz...here it is so hot!!!

I dont know if i will be excited about this one..But am sure happy coz it will be another adventure again for me and my momma!Im hoping our travel will be as smooth as the previous one!We are sure looking forward to a safe and fun travel!

Sunday, March 11, 2007
Mommy didnt work today!!Yipee!

Momma did not go to work today but she went out shopping.She didn't stay late though coz she promised me she was gonna take me out for a walk...as usual...then she said she's gonna give me a long free run around the neighborhood...well,actually..not literally around the neigborhood..it was just around the corner in our subdivision!She just discovered a neat fenced area that serves as a play ground for dogs who live here of course...I was glad to find out that there are no BIG dogs around!I played and ran and had a time of my life chasing my momma!Whoa!She got tired so easily,she never imagine I can run that fast I guess!?!I got tired too!I spent the next 30 minutes taking a nap!

Saturday, March 10, 2007
Meet Rider from the Philippines...

I have the pleasure of introducing another member of our family..Rider!He is also a shih tzu of course!Our mom is definitely a lover of our breed coz we are so sweet and cuddly and so affectionate.Well, Rider is actually Aubrey's dog.Aubrey is our mom's daughter ( well,human daughter making her our sister as well?!).And he is no ordinary dog coz he is born from Champion parents making him a true bloodied Champion-sired and actually making him a true show dog himself.Now what better way to introduce him than to flaunt his pics from his training.Yup,Rider is training to become a show dog and he may begin his show career anytime soon!So here goes his pics!Enjoy!

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Monday, February 26, 2007
I am ((Koda))

About Me

Breed : Shih Tzu
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 28,2006
Adopted on: October 7,2006

I am Koda!I was the second one to come in the family.
I am as cute as a button.My mom fell in love with my chocolatey color.
I am such a sweetie pie and I brighten mom's world every single day.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007
I am *Tink*

About Me

Breed: Shih Tzu
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: May 7,2006
Adopted on: August 9,2006

Hello,My name is Tink ; I am a sweet female shih tzu.My mom fell in love with my blue eyes.

She says : I am the cutest thing she ever bought.
I am playful and I love giving kisses!

I am her first puppy and because of *me* she has become an official dog lover.

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